Consumer Needs Research

The aim of Consumer Needs Research (CNR) is to identify the needs of (potential) customers. These insights can be used as a starting point for developing a concept or prototype. 

Do you already have a good overview of the consumer needs? Then you might be better of with conducting concept research, prototype research or usability research instead. 

  • We recruit testers in your B2C or B2B target audience all across Europe
  • Average turnaround time of 10-15 working days
  • Remote research means affordable rates (starting from € 1395,- per study).
Gain insight into buying behaviour

Insight into the decision making process and buying behaviour of your (potential) customers.

Insight into needs and preferences

Gain insight into the needs and preferences of your (potential) customers.

Establish product-market fit

Determine the extent to which users are encountering a particular problem.

How is Consumer Needs Research conducted?

Different methodologies can be used to conduct Consumer Needs Research. In most cases, in-depth interviews are being used to gather a clear overview of consumer needs and preferences. 

The process for Consumer Needs Research can be divided into three phases. 

1 - Research Preparation
In a free UX Intake, the research objectives are discussed and advice on the research design and methodology is given. After approval of the quotation, the kick-off is scheduled. During the kick-off, the research questions and the tester profile can be discussed in detail. The interview script will be sent over within three working days after the kick-off for approval. 

2 - Research Execution
Recruitment is initiated and the in-depth interviews are conducted via the platform. All sessions are automatically recorded and made available for you to watch. In addition to this, it is possible to watch the interview through a livestream.  

3 - Analysis and reporting
The UX researcher analyses the interviews via the User Sense platform. The transcription of the interview and the research annotations will be shared with you. The most interesting fragments are merged into a highlight video as well as an extensive research report. Finally, the results are presented in an evaluation.

Typical research questions

Determine consumer needs

Is there a need for the service or product we have in mind? If so, what does this need look like?

Willingness to pay

To what extent are (potential) customers willing to pay in order to fulfil their needs??

Competitive landscape

Are customers aware of any other businesses that try to fulfil these specific needs?

Customer journey

What does the target audience's buying behaviour look like and how do they make decisions?

What are the deliverables?

The deliverables of Consumer Needs Research are threefold. 

Access to all sessions and research notes
All interviews and research notes are made available via the dashboard. An unlimited number of users can be invited, so everyone in the organisation can gain access to it if required. 

Highlight video
The most interesting fragments from the session recordings are cut into one recording of five to ten minutes.  

Research report
All insights are presented in an extensive research report. The reports provides an issue of all insights, as well as a measure of frequency so that it becomes clear which insights should be regardeded as priority. 

Curious to see what a research report looks like?
Download example research report.

Discuss your research objectives

Schedule a meeting with one of our UX Researchers to discuss your research objectives. If you are interested in our services, we provide you with a tailored research proposal the same day.

Frequently asked questions

The most frequently asked questions and answers.

Over 25 000 testers have signed up with User Sense. All testers are residing in Europe. Most of our testers are living in The Netherlands, Belgium, Spain, France, Germany or the UK. 


We make sure that respondents do not participate in studies too often by tracking how often they have participated in a study. The amount of studies they can participate in is limited to two studies per month.

Definitely! At User Sense we work with agencies across Europe on a daily basis. Find out more about the User Sense Agency Network here.

Currently, sessions remain available on the User Sense platform for six months. During this period you can view, analyze and share the sessions with colleagues. You can also download the sessions, so that they can be referred to internally.

All testers go through a sign-up process in which they learn what is expected of them during a user study. Things like having to think out loud and give as much feedback as possible is therefore something they are familiar with.

In most cases we only conduct test sessions with testers who have successfully passed the qualification test. This way you know for sure that you are recruiting testers who can articulate themselves and like to give feedback.

If needed, we can recruit testers within 72 hours. It is recommended, however, to schedule studies well in advance as this allows us to recruit testers that are most-suited for the study. 

Yes, it is possible to invite your own testers or customers through our dashboard in a way that is GDPR compliant. 

Yes, it is possible to have colleagues or clients attend the session as observers. They can help add research notes and participate in the chat. Observers do not participate in the conversation, which means their webcam and microphone are always turned off. 

Interested in Consumer Needs Research?

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